We approach our Pilates classes with anatomical knowledge and an emphasis on proper alignment. Pilates improves coordination and balance and promotes physical awareness and energy distribution across the body. Our classes work with incremental progress to build endurance and challenge oneself effectively. Everyone is welcomed.

We offer open level through advanced level Pilates classes, as well as integrated modalities such as Pilates & Fascia Release, and Pilates & Kettlebells.



We have developed a class to bridge the gap between the Pilates technique and cardiovascular training. Using the two functional techniques of Pilates & Kettlebells, our goal is to challenge the body efficiently while creating an aerobic link to Pilates mat work.

Students should have an Intermediate Pilates practice, but do not need to have previous training with kettlebells. Pre-registration is required for Pilates & Kettlebells.

Please contact the studio at to set up your first class.



We offer two different classes that help to bring balance to the body, Self Care & Pilates with Fascia Release.

Self Care is a specific class designed to calm the body. Fascia release, breathing techniques, supported postures and gentle toning make this class perfect for beginners to advance movers, who need to rest.

Pilates with Fascia Release works with foam rollers and pink balls to give massage to specific areas of the body while integrating Pilates movements and technique.



The Floor will soon be offering a variety of dance classes.

Disciplines will include: Ballet Barre for beginners to trained adults, Contemporary Dance for trained/professional dancers, as well as a guest artist residency.

Our dance studio is currently under construction and will be opening within the month.



Our yoga classes focus on linking breath with movement, with the class building to a peak pose. Integrated Pilates-based exercises will increase core strength and pelvic stability. We offer Open and Intermediate level Vinyasa classes with instructor Jordan Risdon.

We are also in partnership with Lindsay Hilscher to offer morning Mysore classes and Led classes at The Floor. Mysore classes are taught to students as individuals so that the student experiences healing and strengthening effects. Led classes in which the postures and breath are counted out loud are offered to create and maintain a steady rhythm through a full practice. All of these classes are open level and there is no previous experience required to attend.

Please contact Lindsay Hilscher to register for Mysore/Led Classes.


The Gyrokinesis Method addresses the health of your spine and connective tissue. Through a series of breath-driven movements performed seated, standing and on the mat, this class will explore decompression of the spine and joints, moving fluidly and efficiently while building strength and connection in the body. Gyrokinesis feels like dancing, Tai Chi, Yoga and swimming blended into one. Benefits will include improved posture with less effort, reduced pain and muscular tension; stronger core and a general feeling of calm. All ages and abilities welcomed. No prior experience necessary.