The Floor is offering space and in-kind support to artists creating or developing work. Through a residency program ranging from 8 weeks to six months, The Floor will offer artists up to 10 hours of space weekly. 

The space is modest in size 500 square feet of studio space and best suited to single performers, small ensembles or works that can be scaled down. The artist in residence will receive free admission to The Floor movement classes, ranging from Pilates, self-care, Yoga, and other forms, on a schedule to be determined together.

Depending on the length of the residency, the artist will have an opportunity to present work once or twice for feedback to a panel of colleagues and professionals. The presentation can be an informal discussion or a formal showing, with no obligation.  

According to needs and desire, the artist will also receive support in developing language around the work, from written description of a specific project to a general mission statement. 

The Floor Artist in residence program is curated through an open application process, and selected by an advisory committee.